Message or Manifesto- Your Call.


A great deal of what I have done is Puppetry and theater. I love them both. But Puppetry, wow.

It has treated me well. Very well.
It has taken me around the world.
I have been treated like a guest rather than a tourist.
I've enjoyed audiences.
I have made friends of from all sorts of artistic, social, and technical disciplines.
I have developed a vocabulary. Some might dare say, a style.

Puppetry is an adventure. and not just for children.
I would like to explore more of is the boundaries. Such as-

Puppetry as art. Both still and moving.
Statues. That move. Maybe not Calder's works. On second thought, I did a shadow mobile that was Calder-esque. So, I shot my fool-mouth off before I thought and left that thought here for you to see my foibles. But that's art. Being right and not so right at the same moment and then turning around and doing something new.

Puppetry and it's relationship to the audience.
There is something more than the standard, "watching a show" when it comes to the puppet and stage. There is something about being in a space. A live space. With living people. Not zombies. Maybe, as Marshall McLuhan would have stated, it's something to do with your level of investment. Actually he would have said something about it being hot or cold. Look him up.

Puppetry and it's relationship. Today I believe it is about the child and the adult. Puppetry is a place where your older and younger self get to meet, if you're "old" and a place to model what you want to be, if you're 'younger". I believe that, like Science Fiction, puppetry is unique. It tells the story that actors cannot. But always LIVE. Because where the magic comes from and why zombies are out of the equation of LIVE and IN PERSON. It's the conceit of the puppet theater that the cloth and foam thing is alive and without an audience that thing doesn't get brought to life and with out life, what is the point? Money? Boy, you don't work in the arts.

On that note of art and life; sorry.

This page is a live-portfolio, file, ashcan, dream box, and you will be seeing a great many oddities. Half formed ideas. Occasionally a work in progress drawing or text or doodle or photo (they aren't dead they are a hot art, go read McLuhan). Occasionally a video, but that's not a living thing being experienced by living people and the artist(s). So, that's where the sorry comes in.

Occasionally I live-cast from the Facebook page or YouTube and soon Twitch or/and Discord (because I love the pain). You can watch for a moment. Ask a question. Make it interactive and intimate, a party of two or three- if you include the puppet.

But hopefully it is worth it. The price is right, free. Speaking of free, feel free to go to Instagram or Ello, the most interesting artist site you've likely never been to before, there you'll see photos of things that interest me and help me collect my thoughts so that I have the energy to rant. Like I am at the moment.

The page is a bit of a mess as I'm exploring. That can be messy.
No. It is messy.
And Sleepless.
And sometimes you spill glitter on yourself and suddenly, you're a unicorn.